Breaking: Nasdaq is Testing the Trading of a Bitcoin-based Product
According to the latest information, Nasdaq is testing Bitcoin-based products trading. This is reported by the Coinspaker news resource referring to a cryptanalyst tweet. Thus, a Twitter user under the nickname Cryptopolis wrote about buying BTC on the Nasdaq platform through his TD Ameritrade account. Cryptopolis also noted that BTC has been trading since April 10, and Bitcoin is trading under the ticker “CXERX”. However, after talking with TD Ameritrade support service, Cryptopolis, clarified the situation, which he wrote about in the next tweet. It turned out that this is just a test on the Paper Trading platform. Undoubtedly, access to BTC on the Nasdaq platform could provoke the next cryptocurrency breakthrough, since this step could potentially trigger a wave of institutional funds into the market. Therefore, sooner or later, the Nasdaq should enter the trading arena, besides, the exchange has already taken the first steps in this direction. The platform has support for a service that provides information on real-time cryptocurrency rates for Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, according to Bloomberg, Nasdaq is trying to launch Bitcoin futures contracts together with VanEck:
“Nasdaq has been working to satisfy the concerns of the U.S.’s main swaps regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, before launching the contracts, the people said. The New York exchange operator, which was first reported to be eyeing Bitcoin futures last year, wants to allow trading in the first quarter of 2019”
As we see, today the official launch of the product has not taken place, but if the second largest stock exchange in the world still launches the BTC trading, it will open the gateways for the participation of a huge circle of investors. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: