Bosch Is Developing a First Ever Blockchain Refrigerator
Bosch, a major German engineering, electronics and technological company, has made an intriguing announcement. They will release a household gadget, powered by the blockchain technology, - a blockchain fridge. The electronic giant has partnered up with the large Austrian energy firm Wien Energie to create its brand new smart device, functioning on the cutting edge technology. This was mentioned in the official announcement of Wien Energie.

Unique blockchain-related features

Reportedly, the energy to support the device will be generated with the help of blockchain. More specifically, the owner of the fridge will be able to get information and control what source the power comes from. Every user will choose for themselves whether they want to use energy coming from the solar panels on the roof of the building in the neighborhood, the wind power station or any other alternative. Switching between the energy providers will be carried out through smart contracts via a specialized app. Besides the source of power, the fridge owners are going to have an opportunity to control all other features of their smart device, increase or decrease temperature, receive an alert if the door is open for too long, analyze their energy consumption patterns. The blockchain refrigerator is meant to show how households can control and influence their electricity consumption in a safe and transparent manner in the future.
We see the blockchain technology as an opportunity for us and are already testing the possibilities in practice with pilot customers. The goal is to make energy more accessible and comprehensible in the future,” said the CEO of Wien Energie, Peter Gönitzer.
However, as for the regular features that any normal fridge should have, there is nothing new in the revolutionary blockchain fridge by Bosch. That is why, many tech experts believe that this smart device is rather a gimmick and needs more time for further development. This is not the first time that the blockchain technology is used to create smart gadgets. We remind you that recently a major Chinese mobile provider came out with a water purifier, powered by blockchain. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: