BlokBiz: “It helps the whole ICO market to be more transparent and reliable”

BlokBiz ICO

The ICO market is abundant with different ICO projects, they offer you different services, it is like an embarrassment of riches. Then the question arose, how to find a solid and reliable one? It is the issue that only BlokBiz can solve.

What is BlokBiz?

BlokBiz is a crowdfunding platform, where investors can find information about ICOs, that are fully checked and managed by BlokBiz. It is created for the investors who want to take part in a safer ICO market. The aim is to build a platform where every listed ICO is a trustworthy and secure project checked by the team of developers. There is a list of requirements for ICOs, if they want to be listed, they are bound to comply with them. Thus, potential investors may choose indeed a good project without being afraid of getting into a trap of scam and unreliable projects. Furthermore, BlokBiz manages the enrolled companies after the token sale and pays them out in installments based on their progress.

Why do you need to use BlokBiz as an investment tool?

The ICO market is getting bigger and bigger, yet BlokBiz has found out a solution to identify a viable ICO to invest in.

  • The Team thoroughly check a project, its history, organization chart;
  • Anti-Scam security method;
  • Preventing of “Pump and Dump” companies;
  • The fee is only 2% from the companies and 1% from the investors;
  • The ability to get the investments back.

Furthermore, BlokBiz provides a great support for the startups. The developers create a very attractive portfolio, wallet, tokens. Team also generate the graphs, progress bars, roadmap, so that investor can easily understand the main idea of the project and decide to invest in it without any further delay. Not to mention a extremely effective marketing plan for you.

Cool features

  1. The project uses the Ethereum network, as well as a local client program. You can get access to it through the web service web3;
  2. The blockchain technology guarantees you save and transparent transactions;
  3. Using ERC20 token due to its multi-purposeness and a standard prescript;
  4. Using smart contracts for crowdfunding;
  5. Low fees: only 2% as a service fee + 1% of the total supply of the company’s token, 1% transaction fee after every transaction, the latest can be reduced to 0.5% by owning XBZ tokens.

Token Sale details

It is only 5 days left to the end of the 1.72x bonus. On October 15, the main stage of the token sale will start though, it will last for 3 month, till January 15. The total supply of BlokBiz token (XBZ) is 100 000 000 XBZ. The soft cap goal is 15.000 ETH, and the hard cap is 23.000 ETH. By owning XBZ tokens BlokBiz users will become premium members on the platform, thus they will be able to invest in any listed ICO with a reduced transaction fee.

Their beta BlokBiz portal will be available for anyone before the end of November, where the first companies can apply and investors can join to test out the safest method of ICO investment.

If you are interested in becoming a token holder of BlokBiz or you need more info on this revolutionary project, check it here.

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FlyMining: Mine Bitcoins Without Harming Our Environment

It is rare these days that you meet responsible people, especially around cryptocurrency community. Most people here are attracted by huge profits and anonymity, both of which do not provoke the best within us.

That’s why we are so glad to introduce you to the guys from FlyMining – an honest and responsible cloud mining provider. Honesty and and responsibility are not empty words to them.

Cryptocurrency mining is still the most popular and effective way of getting hold of digital assets. Bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins are mined every single day by individual entrepreneurs and huge enterprises all over the world. However, it’s all fun and games until we actually think how much damage the process of mining can bring, while this damage can even exceed the profits. Mining already occupies 1% of the total electricity usage on the planet, and this number is only going to grow, unless some measures are taken. The excessive use of computing powers to mine cryptocurrencies leaves an indelible mark on our ecology and this issue has to be solved if we want our children to live on a safe and healthy planet.

The FlyMining cloud mining platform provides with a chance to engage in cloud mining which will make your life way easier, because you will not have to worry about paying electricity bills, fixing the equipment, buying special technical tools and much more.

What is FlyMining all about?

You see it from the first sight, and after a few days with the service you definitely feel that FlyMining is all about responsibility, honesty and transparency.

It all starts on the landing page. You are told that FlyMining is an innovative solution which is going to make mining eco-friendly as much as it is possible. There are some photos and videos of how they do it. However, this is only a start.

After a few days with the service you get a feel of why these guys claim to be honest and responsible. There are widgets in your account such as “my income today in USD”, “% of investment already returned”, “detailed income/expense bill”. Instead of beating around the bush FlyMining always gives you straight numbers.

The same goes with paying for electricity. All other services deduct electricity fees from your mining income at any BTC/USD price they want, scalping your profit each day. FlyMining allows you to pay for electricity directly with USD or EUR, so you sell your Bitcoins at the price you want!

And last but not the least, FlyMining has live webcams all over the place pointed at the equipment. You always know that equipment you paid for is there and working.

Advantages of FlyMining

  • it provides the customers with the best equipment and the fastest computing powers possible;
  • you can withdraw your mined assets immediately;
  • there are no hidden commissions at any stage;
  • the actual fee is always fixed and quite low – 10 times lower than at Bittrex;
  • the fee can be paid in fiat currencies, so that your BTC stay with you;
  • the process of mining can be observed and checked by everybody with the help of surveillance cameras which makes the project totally transparent;
  • there are open-ended and monthly subscriptions at very reasonable prices;

Pricing and plan details

1TH/s lifetime plan costs only 175 dollars, while a monthly plan for 1TH/s is just 10 bucks. Moreover, you can switch from a monthly to a lifetime subscription at any time. Want to mine something less ASIC-dependent? The guys offer 1-year Ethereum mining contracts at $7 for 1MH/s with electricity included in price.

If you are interested in more details on this awesome project or you are ready to start mining, visit the official website of FlyMining.

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Research Shows Interest in ICO Dropped Over 90% Since January 2018

Recently, we have written that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not in trends anymore as the search requests dropped drastically over the year. Unfortunately, ICO is also following the same tendency of decreasing its popularity. Let’s look deeper at the statistic data and reason why this phenomena is happening.

Autonomous Research, a company that provides global investment research in finance, has compared the raised funds by ICOs, token sales over the year.


Research shows that funds raised by token sales in January 2018 overcame the psychological mark of $2.4 billion, while September investments were less than $300 million, according to the data. It means that the activity has fallen over 90% since the beginning of the year.

Autonomous Research highlights three main reasons that are able to explain the decrease in interest.

The first one is that investors are losing faith in ICOs, recent scams, big hackers attacks, intransparency fuel to the fire. Moreover, they mostly choose equity in companies that offer ICOs.

The second reason is STOs (security token offerings) that highly likely replace real ICOs. This hypothesis was announced by a blockchain mark consultant Michael Spencer:

“In the latter half of 2018 and in 2019 we are therefore going to see a huge rise in STOs, and they may eventually out-duel ICOs.”

Even though STOs provide with bigger security and less possibility of fraud, Autonomous Research still thinks they will not hit the market in the nearest future.

The third reason is the collapse of Chinese P2P lending servicesThe Chinese authorities blocked access to ICO platforms in April this year, though token sale activity remains high in the Asian country. Autonomous Research is still in the process of checking data about China.

We remind you

ICO And Crowdfunding: Who’s Who

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World Blockchain Roadshow Succeeded In Dubai

The event held by IDACB took place on September, 30 in Dubai within World Blockchain Roadshow Middle East.

6 ICOs with various qualifications presented their projects to prominent Arab investors. There were projects focused on tourism industry, cross-border parcel delivery, exchange, investments, crowd impact and the creation of cryptocurrency ecosystem. The investors highlighted the potential of the startups and their well-prepared pitches. Meanwhile the teams pointed out the impact made by the event on their business. On their Twitter SherCoin crew noted that the Roadshow helped them to interact with very important people.

IDACB actively implements technologies increasing the efficiency of the Association. A new format of conference holding was successfully tested during the event when Parcel-X team connected Dubai via Zoom platform. They managed to pitch their project being halfway around the world.

“Events in Dubai are very important as it is the hub of the Middle East for technology and artificial intelligence” – claims Darina Mar, an event organizer based in Dubai, who was one of the guests. She adds that ICOs also have big potential in the city which is rich in investors and business opportunities, while World Blockchain Roadshow is the best way of marketing.

World Blockchain Roadshow is a business mission by International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB). It is targeted on connecting ICO runners and blockchain investors. Being launched in June it has already gathered more than 1000 participants, 300+ media and 20 cities of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

World Blockchain Roadshow keeps moving on. Meet IDACB in Africa in October, 2018!



The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the article.

OPP OPEN WIFI Offers Its ICO Investors The Opportunity Of Sharing In The Company’s Long Term Profits By Attaching Profit Share To The Tokens

OPP Open WiFi invites you to share in the profits

ICO’s are often criticised because they do not offer investors the chance to share in the ongoing profits generated by a company in the same way that the traditional IPO does. In an IPO you buy shares in the company, each share you buy entitles you to a share of the yearly profits (dividend).

With an ICO investors buy tokens at a discounted rate and are then able to make profits over short, medium or long term time frames according to their investment strategy. However once you have sold those tokens you have no further income from the business.

At OPP Open WiFi we are one of the first ICO’s to offer a share of the profits with the tokens you buy in our public sale.


● Affiliate Marketing Partners — Our Hotspot Hosts will be able to shop on line via global online retailers such as Amazon,, Skyscanner, and many many more. OPP Open WiFi will be paid a commission on all of these sales.

● Advertising, Push Notifications — We have established an MOU with Permission Media Group LTD (UK) a leading advertising/media agency, The Permission Media Group ( will have advertising rights across our platforms and will manage the splash page and push notification advertising. They have committed to paying OPP Open WiFi on a 50% — 50% equal split basis giving us advertising revenues within 36 months that exceed $20m million annually. Attached is a link overview from Permission Media Ltd outlining their strategy and projected revenues.

● Right now we have 83,000 Hotspot Hosts ready to download the app and start generating income both for themselves and for OPP Open WiFi. Our target is to reach 100,000 downloads by the end of this year. We are set to exceed that!

Each of the first 70 million OPP Tokens sold during our ICO will carry a share of the future profits made by OPP Open WiFi until 2023. We are delighted to reward our ICO investors with a share of our long-term profits in addition to the tokens they buy.

We have set aside 30% of our annual profits to be shared amongst the first 70 million tokens sold during our ICO. If you have already bought tokens, then you also have a share of the profits. If you have not yet invested in our ICO, join us now by clicking here.

Projected income based upon the amount you invest. Note, these are strictly internal projections. Please consult your financial advisor or counsel before making any investment decisions.


What makes OPP Tokens valuable?

The thing that makes OPP Open WiFi a great choice is that the platform and tokenomics are designed to increase token demand as the project progresses. The OPP Token is used to reward our community for sharing their data. OPP Tokens are paid to our active community members on a daily basis and making a significant financial contribution towards their monthly bills.

Let’s face it — would you have any objection to OPP Open WiFi paying all or part of your monthly internet bills? Of course not! Our business model is what we feel will make our token desirable and valuable and sought after for many years to come.

You are able to liquidate your token holding in accordance with our “lock-in rules”. The lock-in states that you can sell a maximum of 25% of your token holding in any 90 day period. We have done this to protect the value of the OPP token.

The target price at which the OPP token will list on crypto trading platforms is $0.40. With this projection in mind, with an investment of $50k you will buy the tokens at $0.24 offering you a potential return on the tokens of 66%. Your stake in the profit share does not depend upon you holding a token reserve.

The table above shows the projected profit from the OPP token in 2019 and the yearly profit prediction share payments for the remainder of the 5 years.


Note, this is not financial advice and is purely based on internal price projections. Please consult a qualified financial advisor to assist with investment decisions

Buy token now!

The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the article.

The European Regulator Will Create Norms for ICO by the End of the Year

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is considering the issue of regulating ICO as a sale of securities.

In a speech before the Economic Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, the European Council President Steven Maijoor, mentioned the similarity of tokensales and financial instruments, which operate in accordance with a specific regulatory framework. The regulator still determines how to treat those ICOs which the specified norms of the law do not apply to.

Maijoor commented on the situation as follows:

“The subsequent question is what do we do with those ICOs that are outside the regulatory world. We will assess that as a board. We expect to report by the end of the year.”

We remind you:

The ICOs That Comply With the European Union Regulations Will Get a “Passport to the Whole of the EU Market”

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Welcome to “Phase 2” of the ICO Evolution where “Utility” Tokens Offer True Utility

Unification ICO

During “Phase 1” there was such an influx of new retail investment that more or less any project could write a whitepaper, get a token contract, raise funds, list on an exchange and some people would profit.

This is what it was and is in the past now.

We are now entering the phase where ICO’s are still equally valid and yes Utility  Tokens are here to stay – Don’t believe the FUD that security tokens will take over – the issue in the past wasn’t with Utility tokens- the issue was with low value/non-tech project issuing them.

The industry is now facing reality that every DAPP idea doesn’t need to be a DAPP and those that do, don’t need their own token.    So Utility tokens are fine and here to stay. This is how the industry will evolve with new projects

Layer 1 –  Blockchains –  There are an influx of many promising Layer 1 Blockchains who mostly will claim incredible results in their test environments-  How these fair once put to mass stress test is to yet be determined. However judging by history – technology will copy each other and the winner of the battle of the blockchains will be determined via community and enterprise outreach.   So when looking for which one to back – I would look to see how they interact and build their tech community (not coin pump community)

Layer 2- Standardization – If the Blockchain is the land-  then the Layer 2 is the streets, electric and plumbing. Without this then houses (DAPPS) can’t be built.  There will be a few winners in Layer 2- but again like Layer 1 – it is just as much a matter of enterprise adoption as it is technology.

Layer 3 – (NOT) Dapps – The concept of the Dapp is a worn out one.  The reality is that for people to actually use the Blockchain – there needs to be a conversion process where existing APPS and enterprises are converted over to the chain.  the idea of needing a new enterprise/app for every damn idea is absurd and indicative of the bubble we just passed through. Im not sure if any “Dapp” or layer 3 ICO will be a winner going forward as we are in the era of functional utility and there isn’t much that can be done as a Dapp that can’t just as easily be done as an existing App with Blockchain component.

To summarize projects in PHASE 2 of this evolution of the ICO will have a few traits.

1 – Tech heavy.  And I dont mean “whitepaper heavy”  or “academic heavy” – because there are plenty of project already busted or busting that loaded their rosters with PHDs and wrote whitepapers that were so ambiguous and vague that many just assumed they would succeed.   By Tech heavy we mean significant code development just like they were in a real company. This does not necessarily mean a strong github as not all code needs to be open source and sometimes the best teams prefer to work in private repos.

2 -Solves real problems. Data, Identity, Standardization and of course a fast and free/inexpensive blockchain.   these are all problems that need to be solved. Another “vacation coin” doesn’t solve a problem.

3 – Led by an experienced and hungry team.  This does not necessarily mean that the team needs to have advanced cryptopgraphers with years of blockchain experience.   This is likely only necessary if they are actually building a blockchain. By experienced we mean a team that has practical experience and wins under their belt and understands follow-through.   Phase 1 of the ICO brought us many people who were in the right place and the right time and made a “coin” and made alot of money but then didn’t know how to do much else. Look for real life winners.


This project has highly impressed me when I research them as they have been quietly building out their tech as a real tech company-  ie. . building so that they can be revenue positive (without a coin pump) and that people will use. The interesting thing is that when you have a “real” technology the coin will naturally go up and stay high because it actually has an ongoing use.   I expect the UND token to hover around levels similar to DASH or NEO after Issuance.

The magic of the Utility is that Unification is a layer 2 State channel protocol that enables Data Liquidity.

What does that mean in plain speak?

They integrate with existing enterprise APPS (not DAPP) and standardize and make their data tradable on the blockchain.

This practically means Unification is building the backbone of the new data superhighway.

We like things like this  that when actualized can properly change the world.  This is actualized through robust technology and a dedicated enterprise outreach team that moves data en masse by onboarding existing Apps userbases.  Think about it for a minute- If we want 1m users on the UND ecosystem -is it easier to sign up 1m one by one or just sign up an enterprise that already has them?

It makes sense to me and everybody that has heard it.  They are quietly executing their private sale now and I am not sure exactly the details as they have been keeping it on lockdown as some Major players (think the coin people behind ICON and Wanchain) are coming into the private round.  You can check out their website here or join their telegram and wait for news of the public sale

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