Blockchain Technology Will Help to Fight the Slavery
The blockchain company CipherTrace has partnered with an Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII). Experts believe that the use of distributed registry technology will positively affect the work of the agency and help prevent multiple cases of human trafficking. The head of CipherTrace, Pamela Clegg will personally advise ATII specialists, providing her expertise and tools to help identify criminals. “CipherTrace’s partnership with ATII is in-depth, as we are serving on their advisory board, but also standing by for investigations when they need help. We will also be exchanging information with ATII involving human trafficking organizations and sources that can be tracked,” Clegg told. Besides, within the framework of this cooperation, CipherTrace will provide ATII with the opportunity to use its service, which allows tracking transactions of more than 700 cryptocurrencies. “ATII has access to our console to conduct investigations for cryptocurrency’s use in human trafficking. Additionally, I’ve conducted training with ATII to help them detect the interconnection between human trafficking and cryptocurrency, with the goal of understanding that we can follow the money for investigations,” explained Clegg. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are often used to commit crimes, including such terrible as human trafficking. Therefore, this initiative will help stop the activities of some criminals and save the lives of many innocent people.