Yan Lijuan recommended


Yan Lijuan: It is recommended that Nanchang first develop the blockchain to target social Governance and other areas.

Yan Lijuan, Lecturer at the China Center for Blockchain Technology Research at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and the founder of Chengdu Luxin Chain Service Technology Co. Ltd. At a time when blockchain technology is used in various industries such as finance and logistics, recommended.

It is recommended that Nanchang primarily target social Governance and financing, based on blockchain technology. Smart city management, smart transportation and other areas, create a more equitable social and comfortable living environment, attract more companies to invest in Nanchang and create the "Nanchang characteristics" of the blockchain through the effect of agglomeration and intense growth. The first city of the national blockchain application effect.

It is also recommended that Jiangxi media use blockchain technology to protect copyright. Jiangxi's media could solve this problem and use blockchain technology to copyright the original content. This will not only reduce copyright disputes, promote the creation of high quality content, but also contribute to the creation of "Made in Jiangxi" in the cultural industry and accelerate the development of Jiangxi media integration.
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