What Cryptocurrency is Worth Making Investments in 2018?
2017 became the year of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market gathered energy and made a real crypto-boom. Is there more to come? Well, it looks like. This year began with a market recession, however, it's not the end of the cryptocurrency era, it's only a beginning. The Coin Shark will briefly tell about top cryptocurrencies and market dark horses that may worth making investments this year. However, we are not offering to invest in particular virtual currencies and remind that everybody is responsible for their own capital. Bitcoin We have already posted an article about world`s first and most expensive cryptocurrency rates in 2018. Despite some ups and downs these coins demonstrate sustained tendency to grow. It might be reasonable to invest in BTC when its price decrease because it is anyway likely to grow again sooner or later. Today Bitcoin has a good liquidity - you can sell it, withdraw, trade on cryptocurrency exchanges and even pay for goods or services. Ethereum This blockchain platform is a distributed software. Many startups have been implemented on this platform. Besides, hundreds of ICOs use it. Ether is much more affordable for purchase and mining (so far), smart-contracts became a revolution in commercial relations and many financial instruments are based on Ethereum solutions. As we can see, ETH has a number of advantages and is probably the most popular alternative to BTC. Ripple Ripple is a payment system that enables users to make transactions in any currency. There is an “agent” currency called XRP - world`s 3rd digital coin (by market capitalization) that currently costs less than a dollar. There are 100 billion XRP issued. They are gradually becoming available and today nearly the whole supply is already on the market. Ripple also negotiates with traditional financial institutions and companies to introduce company`s solutions. TenX This digital currency hardly enters the top-100 coins by market capitalization ($ 125 million), but the project itself is rather interesting. TenX, a company from Singapore, develops a service that allows to use plastic or virtual cards and spend cryptocurrency as easy as fiat money. You can use it to pay in stores or withdraw digital assets from any ATM. Moreover, the developers are creating a protocol that will connect the blockchains of different services into a single network. Today PAY coins cost a little more than a dollar. IOTA This promising cryptocurrency is created to provide the secure joint operation of different devices, from gadgets to smart houses. IOTA develops a unified network secured with the blockchain technology. In addition, IOTA aims to integrate with the so-called "Internet of Things". Market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is more than $ 3 billion, and the cost of one coin is a bit higher than one dollar. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: https://t.me/thecoinshark