Venture capitalists invest $16 billion in blockchain

Over 9 years, the number of funds invested by venture funds in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects amounted to 16 billion

Despite this, as a percentage of investments in other areas, the volume of investments in blockchain projects is no more than one percent of total investments in the world market.

True, the cryptosphere is not discouraged. Despite the high investment risk compared to traditional assets, blockchain venture funds have raised a lot of funds.

Last year was successful for dozens of projects. Venture capitalists especially appreciated the likes of: Avalanche, DerivaDEX, Ziliqa, Curv, as well as Nervos Network.

As a result, when in 2020 traditional funds ensured the growth of investments in several X's, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects increased their investments dozens of times. This is what attracts venture capitalists to the cryptosphere.

It is worth noting that, unlike traditional funds, blockchain venture projects have little or no correlation with traditional asset classes. Cryptocurrencies are independent of the price of stocks and other securities. But traditional assets are increasingly correlated with blockchain assets.

Unfortunately, like other industries, blockchain surrendered under the onslaught of a pandemic and economic pressure in 2020. Investments of venture capitalists in this area decreased by 13% over the year from 3.17 billion in 2019 to 2.77 billion in 2020. In contrast, investments in traditional assets grew by 18%.

Decentralized financing has become the main trend of 2020 among venture capitalists. More than 200 large investment funds have staked on 100 promising DeFi projects, in whose protocols more than 50 billion are currently blocked.

Venture capitalists choose blockchain projects because of their liquidity. This makes investing in cryptocurrencies a promising source of income for decades.

Judge for yourself, while the funds are making a profit only after 5-10 years, the tokens become liquid from the first day, attracting more and more attention to the entire industry. So, hopefully, this is not the limit. And in 2021, venture capital investments in blockchain projects will become an even more liquid and popular topic.

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