The Number of Platforms Intending to Delist Bitcoin SV Continues to Increase
After the Binance announced the decision to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) other services also decided to follow its example. On Monday, April 15, just a few hours after Binance’s tweet, Eric Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, said that his exchange also decided to delist Bitcoin SV. Two hours after Binance’s publication the Kraken exchange conducted a survey on Twitter: More than 67,000 users took part in the survey and the overwhelming majority supported the idea of excluding Bitcoin SV, although, most likely, the Kraken management has already made this decision. Another platform to boycott BSV was the wallet provider On Twitter, Peter Smith, the company's CEO, announced his intention to abandon Bitcoin SV by mid-May. But there are those who did not go on the crypto community. The OKEx exchange, which accounts for the largest share of trading in the Bitcoin SV token, is not going to delist yet. Calvin Ayre said that such actions are, in fact, a manipulation and that BSV delisting decision cannot be made solely based on the fact of dislike for the person since this speaks primarily of the platform’s unprofessionalism. Not surprisingly that delisting claims provoked a significant decline in the BSV price, amounting to more than 22%. After the BSV value reached $95 at the beginning of the month, at the time of writing, the coin is trading at $55.77, according to CoinMarketCap. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: