The Bitcoin Key Is Revealed: The Public Reaction
As we reported earlier, the cryptocurrency community was shook to the core when finding out about the secret Bitcoin key. The key was allegedly created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was meant specifically for protection purposes and was a result of the retirement of the previous alert system which proved inefficient. The person who decided to make it public was one of the Bitcoin Core developers, Bryan Bishop. He was joined by his colleague, Andrew Chow. We remind you that the infamous key raised the wave of criticism from the community, and not everyone supported the decision to release it. So, what was the reaction of cryptocurrency enthusiasts after the key had launched? Firstly, the Twitter blew up with the messages regarding this news: According to the cryptocurrency expert, Pavol Rusnak, the old alert system still remained in one digital coin after the release of the key. As for the initator of this situation, Bryan Bishop, he claims that the old system has been completely eliminated, that’s why he found it essential to reveal the key. Anyway, regardless of people’s preferences, the key has been revealed, and now everyone willing can feel as if they were Satoshi Nakamoto themselves. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: