Tesla Model 3 Owner Wrote to Elon Musk After a Serious Accident
A serious accident with Tesla car has happened recently in Switzerland. The Tesla Model 3 electric car was hit by a 7.5-ton truck, whose driver missed a red traffic light and rammed a sedan at a speed of 60 km/h. It bumped the side, where the driver was sitting. As a result, Tesla suffered greatly and became unusable -  a collision threw it into a pole, which caused serious damage on the right side as well. But 33-year-old driver German Tobias Frey survived. After that, he tweeted to Tesla and Elon Musk with gratitude for creating such a strong car that saved his life. He also published a video of the accident and apologized for the broken laptop screen, but assured that this would not interfere with viewing. https://twitter.com/TFM312/status/1173161702868824074