Telegram Repays Investors $1.2 Billion

The team of the sensational blockchain project TON returned the funds to its investors.

Statement by Pavel Durov

The founder of the project Pavel Durov announced that the company returned 1.2 billion US dollars to investors. Exactly this amount was discussed in the investment agreement.

Durov comments on the conflict with the regulator

The creator of Telegram did not recognize, either did not deny personal responsibility in front of the SEC, but he spoke positively about the possibility of closing the court case.

“Today’s proposed settlement reconfirms our commitment to repay the remaining funds to purchasers under the Purchase Agreements. We’ve already repaid more than 1.2bn to the purchasers either directly or in the form of loans” – Durov wrote.

Plans for the future

Durov added that his team and he are going to implement new projects and he hopes that the regulatory environment for distributed registry technology will become more favorable.

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