Technology blockchain and Beijing International Data Exchange

Blockchain has been mentioned many times in the Beijing International Data Exchange implementation plan.

An international data exchange implementation roadmap was recently released, which mentioned the role of blockchain in data services many times.

According to the website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Supervision and Administration, in order to carefully implement the national big data development strategy, accelerate the creation of data transaction infrastructure and promote the market-oriented circulation of data items. According to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, to create a more complete factor-based oriented distribution in the regulation on institutions and mechanisms, the action plan of the State Council for the Promotion of Data Development and the Beijing Action Plan to Accelerate the Construction of New Infrastructure (2020-2022), the establishment of the Beijing International Big Data Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Data Exchange) is being considered and leadership The data elements are focused on advanced productive forces to help the city's economy achieve quality development. This plan is specially formulated.

The plan includes five service components, namely, data logging service, data product transaction service, data transaction management service, data asset financial service, and data asset financial technology service.

It is worth noting that blockchain technology is mentioned many times in the content of the service. Including: creating a standardised library of data products using blockchain technology, data security sandbox, multilateral secure computing and other methods to comprehensively improve the security, compliance and privacy of data logging; creating data with openness, fairness as a basis for product transaction rules and business specifications, creating a mechanism for the correct work with data, shaping a pricing model for assessing value, improving quotation, request, bidding and pricing mechanisms, creating efficient transaction service processes, and creation of a transaction system for blockchain data products; using big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to play online trading on the trading platform, smart valuation, smart matching, risk warning and other functions.


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