Stolen Binance Coins are Actively Laundered with Chipmixer

The hacker, who stole 7074 BTC from the Binance exchange in May 2019, is laundering them with Chipmixer.

The fact is that transactions in the Bitcoin network are public and everyone can track them. That is why attackers try to launder illegally obtained Bitcoins through thousands of small transactions in order to confuse their origin. Starting June 12, a hacker launders money using one of the services, which breaks down transactions into a huge number of parts. “It was pretty straightforward to trace the hacker’s subsequent steps as it is practically impossible to launder big volume of coins in a relatively short period of time.

Thus, we were able to detect the initial pool of hacker’s addresses,” – the company wrote. Representatives of the service claim that Chipmixer never processed inflows of such a large volume, which leads them to conclude that most of the funds leaving Chipmixer today are associated with one owner, the Binance hacker.

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