SocialFi is the trend for the future

We can safely say that starting from 2020, a new era in the world of finance and blockchain has begun the era of Fi. 

We all know well DeFi, which has revolutionized in the truest sense of the word. NFTFi, which opened up new horizons for us and changed the idea of ​​intellectual property monetization.

GameFi, which has become one of the main trends of the crypto community, has made it possible to use blockchain-based gaming platforms and earn on the Play-to-Earn principle. 

And finally, the turn has come of what brings together a huge number of people to communicate in digital format and which is today the main component of the modern Internet - social networks.

SocialFi is a vast ecosystem that includes all the trends we already know well, which is a symbiosis of social networks and blockchain technologies in accordance with the ideas of Web 3.0.

In the SocialFi realm, users benefit from their social activities, content creation, participation in DAO governance, NFT minting, communication, entertainment, gaming, and just having fun.

Unlike conventional Web 2.0 social networks, SocialFi projects provide high privacy and security of users' personal data, fairly distribute advertising revenues, and offer a more valuable user experience. Therefore, interest in them is growing exponentially.

SocialFi gained particular popularity in 2021. Many interesting projects have appeared on the market, including platforms for minting NFTs and creating personal tokens. Most of them are related to creativity, allowing users to monetize their talents.

Here are some good examples:

  • The Roll project generates ERC-20 tokens, allowing content creators to profit from their exchange and sale.
  • The Rally platform helps you create and sell NFTs and personal tokens, earning from your fans.
  • Startup Audius gives you the opportunity to buy unique tracks directly from their creators.
  • The new generation social network Fragma Metaverse allows you to create NFT collections, monetize content, your popularity and activity, and has a GameFi component. Provides all the conditions to create, communicate, play and earn.

Thanks to such projects, it's hard not to notice the huge potential of SocialFi. This ecosystem solves the problem of copyright, allows you to earn through social interaction, builds a new type of community.

It fits perfectly into the concept of Web 3.0 and Metaverses, protecting the personal interests of each user in the virtual space. SocialFi is the trend of the future!

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