Social media as we know it is over

Fragma’s decentralized metaverse rewards users with blockchain tokens while improving ad placement and performance.

Content creators drive today’s most popular social media platforms. You wouldn’t know that based on the standard compensation model, though. 

Fragma CEO Vadim said it best:

“Social media users today are generating wealth for platforms with the content they post regularly when they could be generating wealth for themselves.” 

Fragma’s new-age metaverse is flipping the script

The Fragma metaverse is designed to be everything the old social media platforms aren’t. Creators can monetize their content with augmented reality (AR) ad temps. Users engage heavily to earn Fragma’s native blockchain FRA tokens. Ad revenue is divided among users based on engagement. It’s fun, profitable, and incorporates all the features today’s users want:

A First in Social Media Advertising 

Say goodbye to intrusive “interruption” advertising. Fragma’s AI improves ad performance by targeting creators who share the advertiser’s audience. Geo-targeted AR brings the products into the consumer’s environment. Advertisers can even create 3D copies of their products for influencers to use in posts.

Get in on public and private token sales before they close 

Wherever you fall in the social media ecosystem, Fragma is where you want to be. This long-overdue overhaul gives every user a piece of the pie, from rewards to governance. Get better ad performance and ROI. Stop the outdated outbound advertising. Get fair compensation for the content you create.


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