Snapchat Has Banned Cryptocurrency and ICO Advertising, and Medium Is Restricting the Rules

A popular instant messenger Snapchat will now block all ads related to ICO. Following Google, Facebook and Twitter, the platform will ban advertisements of the token sales. Snap Inc does not provide information whether the ban on advertising ICO includes restrictions for other operations with cryptocurrencies. However, the platform for social journalism Medium, in turn, urged readers to check information about a company on independent sources and interact with the company only through trusted sites, according to CoinDesk. Medium introduced new user rules. Since recently, the authors of cryptocurrency materials have to include an active link to the project's domain, and also link their email address and active page on Facebook or Twitter to the account. Also, you need to link a page with the same domain to a Medium account. The author will have to create an additional page with the actual contact information. Restrictions apply to new publications, where no more than one e-wallet address can be entered. The resource management forbade advertising or participating in bounty programs, Pump & Dump schemes, writing about receiving a reward or other form of suspicious activity, including naked links or abbreviated URLs in the text, reusing content templates with minor modifications in different publications or from different accounts Medium advised users to familiarize themselves with the risks associated with investing into cryptocurrencies on the website of the US Federal Trade Commission. Now you can find instructions on recognizing cryptocurrency fraud on the platform. The accounts can be removed from the site for violation of these rules. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: