Screen Protector Lets Anyone Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10
A married couple from England randomly found that anyone can unlock a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with a protective film, became known. Lisa Nilson from Castleford bought a protective film on eBay to protect the screen of her Galaxy S10. However, after this, she discovered that other people can also use their fingerprints to access her device. She is worried that if someone steals her smartphone, one can get access to applications and personal information in a matter of seconds. Lisa found it out when asked her husband to try to unlock the device. A similar situation appeared after a protective film was put on her sister's smartphone. Nilson contacted Samsung, in the hope that this is some kind of mistake. After a thorough check, an employee of the company admitted that such unlocking looks like a security breach. He promised to connect the couple with the security department, but no one has contacted them so far. When the story was made public, Samsung said they are handling an internal investigation.