Not Only Pornhub: Examples of Using Cryptocurrency In the Adult Entertainment Industry
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have long been researched by leading global corporations, such as Samsung, Amazon, MasterCard and many others. One of the most popular areas - the industry for adults - has not avoided cryptocurrency as well. Anonymous transactions are an excellent way, given that this sphere is still outlawed in many countries. Many resources and startups have solved this problem using cryptocurrency. As, for example, it was done in Pornhub. We remind you that the popular resource for adults concluded a partnership with the crypto payment startup PumaPay in August of this year. In the same month, Tube8, owned by Pornhub, announced its plans to move to blockchain and fully tokenize the platform. As for platform users, such an upgrade means that they will soon be able to earn tokens for performing certain actions on the platform. We can not help but mention the sensational project of Pornhub called Titcoin. The user needs to install the application and make a purchase from the partner company of the project and allow the cashier to photograph their naked chest. Pictures are sent to the Pornhub section "Amateur", and the service will send the amount spent by the owner of Titcoin to the seller's account. In addition to the popular resource for adults, there are many more areas where cryptocurrencies and blockchain "help" to make various payments. For example, the actors of sex-related commercials are condemned not only by the public, but also by state and financial organizations that blocking their accounts. Thus, besides salary in cash, such "employees" receive payments in cryptocurrency. The blockchain platform SpankChain was created for this purpose. The service works with ETH and allows you to send money directly to the performer, providing security and anonymity to both parties. The cryptocurrency Sexcoin has been also developed for such purposes. With its help you can buy goods "for adults" and pay for site subscriptions. Business Insider even included this token in the top-10 strange cryptocurrencies of 2017. We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: