Metaverse Market

Forecasts point to the growth of the metaverse market to $13 trillion by 2030

Metaverses have become one of the main trends in 2021 and it is only gaining momentum. In October 2021, Facebook rebranded and headed for the development of the metaverse with NFT. Following and Microsoft announced the creation of a metaverse, which should be launched this year. The company even acquired Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion to provide the building blocks for the project. 

The crypto community is also waiting for the metaverse from Shiba Inu , which attracted with its cute design. Recently, new details of the project have become known: Ethereum will become the main coin, and land plots will be vacated in stages. 

Global companies are already interested in the technology of the metaverse: McDonald's wants to open virtual restaurants in the metaverse, and investment bank JP Morgan will be the first to open its virtual representative office. 

Citibank experts: Metaverse market will reach $13 trillion by 2030

The prospects of the new technology were supported by analysts of the large bank Citibank. A new report predicts the metaverse market will reach $13 trillion by 2030. By the way, the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies today is a little more than $2 trillion. Experts expect the total number of metaverse users to grow to $5 billion: 

“We believe that the metaverses are the next generation of the internet, bridging the physical and digital worlds.” 

Citibank analysts also believe that blockchain games and NFT options will be the most popular in the metaverse. It is assumed that Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as stablecoins and CBDC, will be used for settlement in the metaverses.  

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