MetaHash strikes a deal with aStake to push forward the development of the MetaHash Blockchain

MetaHash, the blockchain with the fastest transaction speed running on its unique PoS and #TraceChain algorithms, has entered into an agreement with aStake automated staking solution. The deal will speed up product development, popularise staking, beef up strategic partnerships and foster MHC’s mass adoption. 

According to the agreement, a substantial part of MetaHash’s funds will be spent on marketing with aStake being in charge of all related activities. The exact sum is not disclosed due to the NDA signed by aStake and MetaHash. During the first few weeks before the official announcement, the overall sum of commitments attracted by aStake already reached $10,000,000 in private sale.

aStake has created a hardware and software infrastructure for the automatic purchase of MHC tokens and their staking on the MetaHash blockchain. Users will be able to buy MHC directly in aStake’s online wallet with Visa/Mastercard or Apple Pay/Google Pay with 0% fee for depositing funds. All purchased MHCs are being locked up and staked automatically, while aStake’s internal team takes over node setup. The estimated staking reward that a user can receive yearly is up to 17% on the amount locked. Unlike exchanges that also offer staking options, aStake service comes free of charge for a customer. aStake gets rewarded by the MetaHash network for taking part in the blockchain development and performing marketing activities. On 12th March 2022, the first aStake customers, who purchased MetaHash (MHC) coins during the closed presale, received their personal wallets with MHC involved in staking. The official launch day is scheduled on 07th April 2022. 

MetaHash runs its own PoS algorithm named Forging and the #TraceChain algorithm that uses multi-consensus voting on node roles, supported by the multiPOS (Multivote Proof of Stake) principle. The blockchain capacity allows five billion transactions to be processed daily (100,000 transactions per second) with transaction confirmation time reduced to less than three seconds. Partnership with aStake will foster community growth and increase MHC coin liquidity. Over the course of two years, the MetaHash team is planning to develop the bridges for other cryptocurrencies, launch a DEX with bridge support, add the ability to issue tokens on the MetaHash blockchain, and integrate with the NFT sector. With all these plans achieved, MetaHash has a huge potential to outperform any other competitor and become a number-one blockchain for various top-notch crypto projects, including Metaverse.

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