Litecoin Creator is Among Those Invited to the Charity Lunch with Warren Buffett
According to Justin San, the lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett will be visited by another famous crypto person, the founder of the cryptocurrency Litecoin, Charlie Lee. Sun’s bid was winning at a charity auction in which he got lunch with renowned skeptic Warren Buffett. The meeting will cost the creator of Tron more than $4.5 million, which will go to help the homeless, as well as victims of domestic violence. Read more on the topic: Sun sent out invitations to a number of famous individuals in the crypto space with a proposal to join him at a meeting with Buffett. Among those who supported the invitation is Charlie Lee. Justin Sгn calls Lee his good friend and claims that he is not the only one who will attend the meeting. Lee welcomed the news of the opportunity to meet with Warren. A number of followers indicated that he himself also deserves legendary status, although there were those who criticized the creator of Litecoin. We want to remind you: