LG May Launch Its Blockchain Phone
Earlier, Korean media reported that “LG is likely to respond to Samsung’s innovation initiative”, the main competitor of the brand. According to unconfirmed information, LG experienced difficulties with the development of a blockchain smartphone, so its release was delayed. Recall that earlier this year Samsung released the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in several models concluded Blockchain Keystore. Smartphones are fully compatible with ERC-20 tokens, dapps and, more recently, with Bitcoins. “LG has been struggling to apply blockchain to smartphones without any dissimilarity,” a Chosun source continued. “I think Samsung is trying to prepare differently in the blockchain field, just as LG responded with a dual-screen when Samsung Galaxy came out with a foldable phone.” – in Korean newspaper Chosun said. Besides, sources of the Chosun newspaper claim that LG has completed market research for dapp and blockchain suppliers. Earlier this summer, LG filed an application to use the ThinQ Wallet brand in the United States. The patent claims that ThinQ is intended for transactions, calculations, and electronic money.