John McAfee Launches a New Bounty: 20 Million USD to a Person Able to Hack Bitfi
John McAfee keeps surrounding himself with controversies. Hardly has the scandal with Bitfi been forgotten, when he started it all over. In case you don’t remember what happened, John McAfee claimed his wallet to be unhackable and promised $100 thousand and later $250 thousand to those who would break into it. Although multiple people and even organizations claimed they did hack the wallet and provided evidence, nobody received a reward, moreover, people were threatened by Bitfi. McAfee in his turn said that a wallet can only be considered hacked if assets are stolen from it. This time McAfee started a new crazy bounty. He offered 20 million USD in crypto to a hacker in case he succeeds to break into Bitfi. Given all the things that happened in the past, hackers are obviously going to be more careful when dealing with Bitfi. We will be monitoring the situation and report on any updates. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: