Global Marketplace In Russian: a Brief Review Of The Project Tkeycoin
As of now, the digital coin market has just over 2000 different projects. Unfortunately, most of them have no future. But despite this, there are also valuable projects on the market that are able to take the industry to a new level and give a decent profit to investors. This material will deal with one, potentially very promising project, so this is a brief Tkeycoin review.

What is the Tkeycoin project?

This project has Russian roots, as all key developers are citizens of the Russian Federation. Tkeycoin is a global payment facility, within which it will be possible to sell and buy various goods and services. Tkeycoin (TCD) will be used as currency, but users will have the opportunity to convert cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa without any problems. This project is original and unique in its own way. It can not be compared with any other project on the market. The development team has done a great job of writing the blockchain from scratch. The algorithm that is used in the Tkeycoin network works with the help of artificial intelligence.

Tkeycoin growth prospects

The similar projects of low quality are dominating on the market for the initial placement of coins now. Such ICOs are not in demand among potential investors, therefore unique projects nowadays are worth their weight in gold. Key features of Tkeycoin:
  • the unique blockchain, which is developed from a complete zero;
  • a wide range of tools for developers;
  • author's cryptographic protocol;
  • thoughtful usability;
  • authoritative development team;
  • the possibility of payment from a smartphone;
  • convenient and intuitive application for iOS and Android (currently in development);
  • the presence of a multi-currency wallet;
  • TCD will accept any contactless NFC-terminal (that is, potentially it will be possible to pay with this token almost everywhere).
These factors make this project stand out from the rest of the ICOs on the market. Tkeycoin price online is $1 for 1 TCD now. To predict where the price of an asset will go in the future is very difficult. We can only analyze the current situation in the market, learn what the experts are talking about and based on this, make some conclusions about the future of the Tkeycoin rate. In order to start the growth of this asset, the development team needs to do a huge amount of work to popularize and implement the project in the everyday life of people. Some industry experts claim that the Tkeycoin chart of price will be able to begin a rapid upward movement before the end of 2020. They believe that Tkeycoin cost can reach $470 per coin.


The main goal of the project developers is to globally implement TCD cryptocurrency as a means of payment, which will not have problems with scaling. If they succeed in achieving the goal, this will lead the cryptocurrency industry to a new level. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: