Game Maker Atari Will Release its Token on IEO Bitcoin.Com in November.

Legendary video game maker Atari Inc. announced an IEO agreement with the cryptocurrency exchange. According to the official announcement of Atari Inc., an agreement has been signed for the public sale of its ATRI token and its subsequent listing on the exchange. This IEO is required for Atari to enter the blockchain ecosystem.

Gaming Legend Joins Cryptocurrency Game

The company announced that the first exchange trades on are scheduled for the first few days of  November, with the timing to be specified. The ATRI token is built on top of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and belongs to the ERC-20 standard. After the public sale, trading pairs with cryptocurrency giants Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will immediately appear.

This token is the first experience of the IEO exchange. According to Frederic Chesne, CEO of Atari Chain Limited, Atari's blockchain division, the move will help drive Atari's entry into the blockchain space:
In particular, the IEO and ATRI listing is very important for further partnerships and liquidity for the token holders. Previously, ATRI was allocated to private investors in two rounds of closed sales. In both rounds of trading, the ATRI price was set at $0.08.

The ATRI token will serve as the basis for a complex system of blockchain products. It will include Atari's private decentralized network, betting tools, and wallets for the local digital currency.
Naturally, the first use case for Atari in the blockchain space will be related to its gaming direction. The team plans to expand into entertainment, gaming and casinos that accept cryptocurrency.

To achieve these ambitious goals, Atari partnered with Ultra, which has developed a blockchain game publishing ecosystem using the open source software EOS.IO. The new ATRI token will also be used in this partnership. In addition, Atari Chain is partnering with Litecoin Fund, Arkane, WAX and other cryptocurrency veterans. Its partner ICCIB is also one of the first investors in the first round of the ATRI token sale.