ESET Detected a Mining Virus in a Play Market Application
Experts of the antivirus company ESET detected the app Monero Miner (XMR) on the Google Play Market which was offering unfortunate users to mine the Monero cryptocurrency via a mobile browser. As it turned out, the money was actually mined, but they were not redirected to user accounts, but directly to the developers. According to the information from the ESET’s official blog, the application was used by approximately 50 thousand people. After determining the malicious scheme, ESET employees contacted Google to remove this application from the Play Market library, which was done afterwards.
"The general enthusiasm for mining is beneficial for scammers. Some of them hide the function of mining in their mobile applications to secretly mine cryptocurrency on users' devices. Others, on the contrary, intentionally develop applications to deceive novice miners, " - Sergey Kuznetsov, the head of the products and services technical support department of ESET Russia, commented.
Specialists of the company advise to stay alert in such situations and always read the reviews carefully before installing similar applications, and also keep the mobile antivirus active, which can possibly save you from an unpleasant situation, like the one described above. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: