EOS Developers Announce Successful Network Upgrade to Version 1.8
The EOS project development team announced a successful fork, which allowed updating the project network to version 1.8. Recall that the developers announced the launch of the EOSIO v 1.8 platform after the hard fork on Monday, September 23. According to the creators, this update has divided the blockchain into two autonomous networks, and each of them will be able to process transactions independently. The update completed successfully. The developers said that this update became the largest in the entire history of EOS. The project team also reports that the functionality of the blockchain has significantly expanded. https://twitter.com/EOS_Nation/status/1176119251708588033 Along with this, the security of transactions was increased. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the EOS network demonstrates fairly good operational performance, in general, this project is still very inferior to some other blockchains.