Election on Blockchain Has Been Tested Out in Ukraine
Alexander Stelmakh, the head of the State Voter Register Service at the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, spoke on his Facebook page about the pilot election using the blockchain technology. In July of this year, partnering up with the NEM Foundation, the official team started "test election" on NEM blockchain using 28 nodes. Participants in the experiment had to install a crypto wallet from the official site of NEM, and then vote in the test blockchain of the project using coins. According to calculations, the budget for placing voting data in NEM's blockchain, based on the cost of buying the nodes, is 8765 XEM ($1227 dollars) per unit for each site. Also, the system automatically removes a commission of about 0.3 XEM from the initiator of the transaction for each of the 29215 transactions. Subscribe to CoinShark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/