Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theories:  Is Goldman Sachs Taking Over the Financial World?
Right now people tend to come up with conspiracy theories about everything that seems interesting, popular and important, and crypto industry was no exception. Some of these theories are a little bit too far-fetched, for example, the one which claims that crypto was invented by the Illuminati. Today we will take a look at a theory that seems way more real. Today’s theory is connected with Goldman Sachs, a major American investment bank, supposedly run by the influential Jewish family, the Rothschilds, and its possible plans of taking over the financial world by issuing their own cryptocurrency, IMMO. David Morris from Slate investigated the theory in detail. Everything started out with a strange video on YouTube, where an anonymous man talked about a powerful organization planning to launch the single world currency and take over the world. His words were:
Four years ago [they] contacted me and offered me work as a financial adviser to the top manager and evangelist in a project which was ridden[?] by the largest family of businessmen … I was paid a lot of money for my silence, but I can’t remain silent … Humble people will be deprived of their freedom. All will belong to them … Four letters—I-M-M-O is the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. The single world currency.
The video was quickly deleted, but it triggered a bunch of rumours, most of them being about Goldman Sachs and their IMMO cryptocurrency. After that, the resource Zycrypto conducted research of its own and added fuel to the fire. Zycrypto based its material on info from closed Telegram channels and insiders. Though the Rothschilds deny everything and state that they have no intentions of launching a crypto of their own, the proofs of the theory seem very convincing, and the fact that most materials created on this topic are quickly deleted seems very suspicious. Anyway, the peculiarity of conspiracies is that you can never be 100% sure about anything. We will only have to wait and see whether the crypto world domination is a myth or upcoming reality. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: