Crypto in Ukraine: recent important events

Today we propose to consider the latest most significant crypto events in Ukraine. 

$100,000 NFT to support the army 

Mikhail Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation, announced the sale of an NFT token from the CryptoPunks collection for 90 ETH (more than $100,000 at the time of purchase). Recall that it was donated to Ukraine back in March 2022. The name of the buyer remains unknown.

NFTs have become an important part of the Ukrainian crypto community in wartime: in March, the Bored Ape Yacht Club donated over $1 million to Ukraine, and in April, the Ukrainian Turn Back Alive Foundation received $250,000 from the sale of Coffin Dance NFTs. 

Ukraine became an observer in the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP)

The representative of the Ministry of Digital Development, Alexander Bornyakov, said that Ukraine received observer status in the European Blockchain Partnership. He believes that this will simplify and accelerate Ukraine's integration into the European Economic Digital Space. This initiative is also expected to contribute to the creation of a regulatory framework for digital assets. 

Recall that earlier the Blockchain4Ukraine community of deputies and the Virtual Assets of Ukraine union sent a letter to the EU authorities with a request to give Ukraine the status of a full member of the EBP. 

The first Ukrainian cryptobond backed by bonds 

Evoltech and broker ICU announced the launch of a token that will allow you to invest in government bonds. Cryptobond with the ticker UACB is backed by war bonds and has a money-back guarantee. You can buy an asset and withdraw funds after the payments on bonds using USDT. The price of UACB is 34.18 USDT and the minimum investment is 3 USDT. At this stage, the initiative is a pilot one, and all funds raised will go to help Ukraine during the war. 

Everstake donated $10 million to help Ukraine 

The Ukrainian staking platform Everstake donated more than $10 million to Ukrainian charitable foundations last week. $3.4 million was sent to the first state-owned crypto fund “Aid for Ukraine”, which was created by KUNA together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Everstake and FTX back in February. $6.6 million was distributed among other charitable organizations: the funds will be used to purchase thermal imagers, armored vehicles and drones, as well as help refugees.

Everstake launched “Save Ukrainian Culture”

Together with the Ministry of Culture, Everstake launched the “Save Ukrainian Culture” initiative to raise funds to protect the cultural heritage of Ukraine during the war. You can donate money through BTC, ETH, USDT, as well as euros, dollars and hryvnias. They will be used to protect, transport and restore damaged cultural sites after the end of the war. There are already over 200 of them. 

We appeal to the hearts of people around the world, do not stay away from the tragedy that befell the people of Ukraine. Each donation literally saves lives: this money is used to purchase medicines, food, clothing, hygiene and essentials, and much more. Only by joint efforts can we bring our common victory closer!

Donate to the Official Crypto Foundation: Donate Crypto to Ukraine

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