Crypto in Forbes Fintech 50

In 13 years, digital assets have grown from a small industry to a trillion-dollar market. Even the harshest skeptics and traditional-finance people are forced to include crypto in their agenda since its popularity is rapidly growing. Take a well-known financier Peter Schiff, who regularly posts negative bitcoin forecasts on his Twitter since there is a demand for such content.

The industry is being driven by institutional investment and mass adoption. No wonder that Forbes' Fintech 50 list this year includes 9 crypto companies of various activities. 

Let's take a closer look at the biggest of them

Alchemy blockchain platform

Alchemy infrastructure software organizes blockchain data and makes it accessible to corporate customers. Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea is built on Alchemy technology and infrastructure. High-profile clients also include Adobe, DraftKings, and Shopify.

Latest estimate: $10.2 billion

Ava Labs blockchain startup

Ava Labs is the company behind the Avalanche blockchain. The project is used to run decentralized applications and construct enterprise blockchains.

Latest estimate: $5.2 billion

Chainalysis analytics platform

Market leader in analytical solutions for the blockchain industry. Chainalysis has grown weary of high-profile investigations, providing government agencies and law enforcement with the tools to track blockchain transactions.

Latest estimate: $8.6 billion

Circle emittent

The list also includes the issuer of USDC, one of the top stablecoins, which is currently available on the eight most popular blockchains. The capitalization of the USDC token is $53 billion.

Latest estimate: $9 billion

OpenSea NFT platform

The number one NFT marketplace allows you to buy, sell, and even create NFTs without special technical skills. OpenSea is considered a key growth driver for the NFT industry in 2021.

Latest estimate: $13.3 billion

The Fintech 50 list from Forbes 2022 also included the FTX exchange ($32 billion), Paxos blockchain platform ($2.4 billion), TRM Labs analytical company ($600 million), and Fireblocks custodian ($8 billion).

Crypto is firmly established in states' financial systems while attracting institutional investments and becoming a legal tender. The emergence of such giants among cryptocurrency companies was only a matter of time. 

The conclusion is simple - you should consider digital assets as a long-term relationship and not give in to the panic of the bearish market. 

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