Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong forecasts industry development over the next 10 years
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted a link to the material in which he shared his own forecast for the development of the bitcoin industry in the next 10 years. The expected changes in the world, although they may seem overly ambitious, are quite real. Brian believes that the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency will solve the problems of scalability and privacy. Scalability will lead to the use of blockchain technology in new areas, and privacy will probably work by analogy with Internet security protocols (HTTPS). And the number of regular users of cryptocurrencies will reach one billion. Brian Armstrong believes that the massive increase in popularity will begin primarily in the developing countries of the Third World, where the traditional economic model is not so strong. In addition, even government agencies will gradually begin to actively use cryptocurrencies. Although trading and speculations on the price of various cryptocurrencies will not disappear, the main use of cryptocurrencies should be for utilitarian purposes. The head of Coinbase also believes that startups that attract investments in cryptocurrencies will appear and develop in the future faster than traditional companies. The cryptocurrency market will be less chaotic, and more similar to the traditional market in terms of dividing the areas of activity into exchanges, brokers and custodians. Brian also hopes for decentralized services, among which at the moment are DEX, DeFi, and Dapps. If the price of bitcoin follows John McAfee’s forecasts and rises to at least $ 200,000 per BTC, then more than half of all billionaires will come from the cryptocurrency industry. Brian Armstrong expects that many of them will give a significant part of their funds to charity and the development of science.