Charlie Lee's Clones Give away Fake LTC in Twitter
Charlie Lee, founder of a cryptocurrency called Litecoin, reported on the large number of fake Twitter accounts that use his name and distribute scam to provide users with fake LTC. Most of the scammers write from accounts that look similar to Charlie Lee`s original profile – @SatoshiLite. These are, for instance, @SatoshiLitez and @SatoshiLitee. These fake profiles copy the original one completely. Fraudsters, however, offer different number of Litecoins to be destributed –  from 50 to 500 LTC. Fraudsters probably expected their scum to look trustworthy enough as Lee announced that he had sold and donated all his Litecoins in December, 2017. The founder of the Ethereum Vitalik Buterin joked in his Twitter: Currently all fake Twitter-profiles mentioned in the article are still active. Beware and do not let fraudsters get you! Subscribe on The Coin Shark news in Telegram: