Cardano has over 1 million wallets with ADA

The Cardano cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of users since its inception in 2017. Thanks to the roadmap and other technical documents, the developers managed to convince potential investors, and they believed in cryptocurrency.

Until recently, this digital asset was the most popular altcoin for staking. More coins were placed on its network than other blockchains. Recently, however, the Solana network has taken over the palm in this matter from Cardano.

Despite this, the number of people staking cryptocurrencies on the blockchain is constantly growing. An important milestone was recently crossed - 1 million wallets with ADA tokens. This happened after the launch of smart contracts on the blockchain.

Now you can run DApps (including DEX) on the Cardano network. These projects are usually in high demand. Therefore, the number of people who post their tokens on the network has grown rapidly.

In total, at the time of crossing the milestone, there were 3108 betting pools with ADA in the blockchain. There were 33 billion tokens in staking. Therefore, it is one of the largest blockchains with proof of stake mining.

The first decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain was DEX SundaeSwap. It is still being integrated into the blockchain (the developers are fixing bugs and incompatibilities). Once this process is complete, it will be possible to use the services of SundaeSwap to exchange cryptocurrencies.

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