FORD: Blockchain to protect nature

Blockchain and dynamic geofencing technology will help fight for clean air in Europe. This is stated in the official press release Ford

Information obtained from a 3-year study conducted in London, Cologne and Valencia. It was necessary to assess the ability of hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) to work in geofencing conditions with data entry into the blockchain (DLT).

For 3 years, information was collected on 400,000 kilometers, which were covered by 20 Ford Transit and Tourneo vehicles. The results of the test of dynamic geofencing and blockchain technologies made scientists very happy.

About dynamic geofencing technology

Zero emission zones have been operating in Europe for several years. Usually these are large cities. When visiting them by car, you must:

  • install additional equipment for air purification on the machine;
  • see before the trip how many zones with zero emission will be on the route;
  • follow on the map how far to the zone, and timely turn on the cleaning system or switch to electricity.

In this case, zero emission of carbon dioxide and impurities is activated only within the zones marked on the map. Dynamic geofencing works differently.

Additional equipment is installed on the machine to assess the level of pollution. On the tested Ford cars, this is a Climacell brand. It monitors the air, giving a signal to automatically switch to power supply.


During the study in cities such as Cologne and Valencia, 20 cars that traveled 218,300 km, about half of the road (105,600 km) covered exclusively on electricity

Blockchain technology

The results were monitored by integration with the blockchain. It recorded the time when the car drove out and left the zone marked on the map. The data was 100% reliable and shared. A clean experiment was performed.

The results pleased the developers. As soon as plug-in hybrid electric cars entered the low-emission area, the electric motor started. At the same time, no action was required from the driver.

The new technology could play a big role in transforming cities and make hybrid electric cars even more popular and in demand, the company said.

PHEVs will provide a practical and flexible alternative to diesel. Note that the geofencing function is not the future, but the present. It is standard on the Ford Transit Custom Hybrid.