Blockchain for voting is recommended to the United States

How to use distributed ledger technology for voter registration and vote counting? This issue was attended by many after the recent US elections

Evernym Chief IT Security Officer Daniel Hardman believes blockchain has the necessary qualities to avoid repeating the 2020 stalemate.

At the initial stage, using the blockchain, it is possible to establish voter registration. Then check the legitimacy of a person's vote based on the initial registration. Then no one would have doubts about the honesty of the elections and the reliability of the result.

In the United States, after the announcement of the results of the presidential elections, a wave of indignation and disputes swept over the possible falsification of the results of the expression of the citizens will.

To avoid this in the future and prevent a split in society, you need to use blockchain. It guarantees reliable auditing and dispels any fear of tampering.

Any transaction is recorded in an immutable public ledger, which makes the audit more reliable and transparent. Using pre-registration with verification of documents, it is possible to guarantee the identity of the voter and the fact that he can receive exactly one vote.

As a last resort, according to Daniel Hardman, you can use identification based on biometric parameters.