Bitcoin Cash Miners Will Support the Coin Financially

Jiang Zhuoer, the head of BTC.TOP, the largest mining pool in the BCH network, proposed allocating 12.5% of the coins mined for the development of the project. He wrote it on his Twitter. A fund working under Hong Kong jurisdiction will be engaged in fundraising. Based on the current Bitcoin Cash production rate, 112.5 BCH will be deducted daily, for six months this number will be more than 20 thousand coins (about 7 million US dollars at the current rate). This initiative has already been supported by other large Bitcoin Cash pools. CEO BTC.TOP said despite some disagreement, miners will follow the plan. Perhaps this innovation will come into force in May this year. “To ensure participation and include subsidisation from the whole pool of SHA-256 mining, miners will orphan BCH blocks that do not follow the plan. This is needed to avoid a tragedy of the commons” – Zhuoer said. Some users consider this idea dangerous, as it can lead to an at “attack 51%”. Recall earlier we wrote that Uzbekistan was going to launch a mining pool and a licensed Bitcoin exchange.