Beginning of April, Results

BTC above 46K, 620M stolen from Ronin, new Samsung and Visa crypto initiatives

Bitcoin keeps in the range of $45-47 thousand

The price of BTC is quite stable: over the past week, the asset has lost only 2% after rising to 48 thousand on March 29, 2022. Now bitcoin is traded on KUNA in the range of $45,200 - $46,500. Altcoins follow the dynamics of the main cryptocurrency and hold their positions. 

Miners mined the 19 millionth BTC coin

On April 1, the anniversary 19 millionth coin was mined in the Bitcoin network on block 730,002. Recall that the total emission of BTC is limited to 21 million coins, which means that at the moment more than 90% of bitcoins are already in circulation. 

Hacker stole over $620 million from the Ronin network 

Last week, the Ethereum sidechain Ronin, which is part of the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity, came under attack . The attacker was able to withdraw assets worth more than $620 million. The incident was the largest hack in the DeFi segment. The company promised to compensate users for all stolen funds. 

NFT-museum of the war in Ukraine raised over $600,000

The Ministry of Digital Development has created the world's first NFT war museum in Ukraine, where users can buy virtual art objects in the form of tokens. The proceeds go to the official Crypto Fund with the support of KUNA, and are subsequently used to help the Ukrainian army and people. For the first day of sales, we managed to raise more than $ 600 thousand.


Institutions and mass adoption 

According to a CNBC survey , 21% of US residents have traded in cryptocurrencies. 

According to a study by Arcane Research and Ernst & Young, 10% of adults in Norway own cryptocurrencies. The figure has doubled over the past three years. 

China expands digital yuan pilot testing to new cities. The People's Bank of China announces the success of the first stage and the growth in the number of transactions with the national digital currency as part of the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

Samsung has added NFT support to new TVs. The devices have a built-in NFT marketplace based on the Nifty Gateway platform, where users can buy, store and play art in the form of tokens. 

TIME magazine has included three crypto companies in the list of the 100 most influential companies in the world: blockchain game Sandbox, NFT marketplace OpenSea and peer-to-peer platform Paxful. 

Visa has announced a tutorial on building a business with NFTs. The duration of training is 1 year and is suitable for artists, musicians, fashion designers and filmmakers.

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