App Store Added a New Crypto Wallet for Digital Collectibles
Unlike Google Play Market which removed Bitpay and from its app list, Apple Store decided to add a new crypto wallet, called Vault, which is aimed at storing different digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens. This wallet conforms to all the strict requirements of Apple Inc. adopted in early June. The co-founder of this startup,  John Egan, stated that he wanted to create a project that can be used by everyday users, not only by CA. He planned to make the wallet more about its functions than trading, i.e. there will not any information about token sales, etc. Egan even compared the work of Vault to the way iOS on iPhone works. As the developers want to create an ecosystem based on blockchain technology where users can share and use apps, like they do on iPhones. We would like to remind you Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: