Anchorage launches a brokerage service

Representatives of the Anchorage service announced the opening own cryptocurrency brokerage department. The company recently acquired the startup Merkle Data, engaged in the development of software for analysing a large data set and risk management.  The message was published on the official Anchorage Twitter. The company representatives say the new department, called Anchorage Trading, was created to improve customer safety at all stages of transactions. Now investors can buy digital currencies and immediately send them directly to the store without third parties   “In fact, our clients have been asking us to enable trading from the beginning. Because crypto assets are bearer assets, trading and custody are natural complements: institutional investors want to buy assets directly into custody, and sell assets directly from custody, without the pains of dealing with multiple venues or moving assets between different third party addresses”. Anchorage company began its work only a year ago, this project is the brainchild of Anchor Labs. Recall earlier wrote that Fundstrat analysts predicted a 100% raise in Bitcoin rate by the end of the year.  Follow TheCoinShark to know all the latest news on the cryptocurrency industry.