Amazon Purchases Now Can Be Paid with Cryptocurrency
Moon has released a new extension for several browsers to enable users to pay with cryptocurrencies on Amazon. Startup Moon, which allows paying for goods on Amazon using Bitcoin through the payment protocol Lightning Network (LN) or Litecoin, Ethereum, has released an extension for Google Chrome, Brave and Opera browsers. Despite it is already possible to pay with cryptocurrencies on some online retailers sites, large marketplaces still do not accept digital currencies as a means of payment. Moon wants to popularize cryptocurrency payments on e-commerce platforms. So, after installing the extension, Moon will automatically recognize the user on the Amazon payment page who insert the payment widget. He will see the purchase amount in cryptocurrency before he completes the transaction. Moon currently provides the ability to pay in two ways:
  • can be paid from any Bitcoin wallet that supports the LN protocol;
  • goods can be paid using an account on the Coinbase exchange. Thus, if the user stores his cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. on the Coinbase account, he will be able to quickly make payment transactions using the platform API.
The startup plans to go beyond the USA and Canada and provide an opportunity to use the browser extension for Europeans in the future. Apart from Amazon, Moon intends to cooperate with other e-commerce platforms.