A Tourist City, Where Only Cryptocurrency Will Be Accepted, is Being Built in Malaysia
Would you like to visit a tourist city where all services and products are provided exclusively for cryptocurrency? According to The Sun, this may become a reality very soon. A group of crypto enthusiasts launched a project to create a virtually decentralized city. The development is conducted on 835 acres of the Malaysian city of Malacca, which can eventually turn into the world's first tourist city on the blockchain. [caption id="attachment_38383" align="alignnone" width="673"]            Source: malacca.io[/caption] The project is called Melaka Straits City and involves the use of cryptocurrencies exclusively on its territory. Melaka Straits City will focus more on tourism, but will also offer business and educational services to interested parties. Lim Keng Kai, a spokesman for Melaka Straits City, explained that visitors will be able to pay for services with a DMI coin from the platform of the same name. According to the owners, the crypto city may become the largest tourist attraction in Malaysia, which can be visited by up to three million travelers annually. We remind you: https://thecoinshark.net/akon-will-create-a-crypto-city-in-africa/ Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/