A test run of the shadow fork of the Ethereum blockchain has passed

Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) has become one step closer to the transition to more environmentally friendly PoS mining. A shadow fork has been launched, which will stress test the blockchain before the main update.

One of the developers working on ETH 2.0 said that the main task of this update is to study the state of the blockchain, make sure the nodes are synchronized and further development is correct. At the moment, this is the first shadow fork, but others are planned to be implemented in the future in order to detect obstacles to the full implementation of PoS.

With the help of the first fork, we noticed some minor problems with nodes and clients, and the number of validators also decreased. Re-sync is now in progress. The developers will fix the problems, recheck the work, and then conduct a new shadow fork. And so several times.

The main merger of the old and new networks should take place in the second quarter of 2022. According to experts, most of the work has already been completed. An immediate date will be given based on the results of the launch of several shadow forks, as they will be critical to determining the stability of the network.

Currently, the network after the shadow fork has processed over 4 million transactions, which were combined into 14.5 million blocks. There are 2 million active wallets in the network.

Recall that the previous major update was in March. We are talking about the launch of the Kiln test network, which combined PoW with the PoS chain. This is the last testnet merger before migrating to PoS.

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