A resident of Paris stole from his colleagues 1 million euros in bitcoins

According to Le Parisien, the former co-founder of a Paris IT company stole 182 BTC (1,100,000 EUR) from the company. Thus, the Frenchman decided to avenge his dismissal. https://twitter.com/le_Parisien/status/1211335846600826882 The hero of this story in 2013, together with his comrades founded the company, but after a few years, due to disagreements in the development of the company, he had to quit and move to another country.  In December 2018, employees noticed that someone sent Bitcoins from their account, and this practice continued until January 2019. Moreover, the transaction amounts never exceeded the threshold at which the protection was supposed to work. This fact only said that the secret wallet user is well acquainted with the rules of the project. As a result of investigative actions, law enforcement officers went on the trail of a former employee of the company, who admitted that he had withdrawn 182 bitcoins from revenge. Now the Frenchman is charged with theft as part of an organised criminal group, and interference with the automated system for fraudulent purposes.