BitTorrent Launches its Own Streaming Service With BTT Token Support
Representatives of BitTorrent claimed that they will give early access to their new streaming service BitTorrent Live. The corresponding announcement was published on their official Twitter account. As it became known, users of BitTorrent Live will have an opportunity to create live broadcasts which will help to connect people with common interests. In a few months, blockchain technology will be integrated into the platform. It will provide enhanced safety and user privacy. It should be noted that the company didn’t forget about their own BitTorrent token (BTT) with which it will be possible to pay for services within the streaming service. Developers said that the launch of this project will be conducting in several stages because they will need additional time to implement all the features. Access to a beta version of the platform will be opened very soon - at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019. Recall that in February 2019 BitTorrent announced that they plan to release a payment card which will support BTT token. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: