BitMix.Biz offers protection for users by means a Bitcoin mixer
One of the main security requirements when making cryptocurrency transactions is to protect the blockchain from Bitcoin analysis. This ensures high anonymity of transactions and wallets, which does not allow attackers to identify the personalities of users, thus the BitMix.Biz Bitcoin mixer ensures the security of the assets of cryptocurrency holders. Ultimate Transaction and User Tracking Protection BitMix.Biz was created to protect against the vulnerabilities personal data of users of systems based on blockchain technology. A feature of cryptocurrency blockchain networks is their openness, which ensures the trust and value of digital money. However, this same property makes the system vulnerable to transaction analysis, which allows fraudsters to find a connection between transactions and the specific individuals who commit them. Bitcoin mixer does not allow to detect such a connection, because after mixing in safe pools transaction tracking is impossible. Thanks to the use of previously prepared crypto coins from various sources, transactions occur without the need to wait for confirmation of all transactions involved in mixing. You can also manually or automatically select of payments delay, which makes blockchain analysis very difficult. Additionally, there is protection against the return of your sent crypto coins back to your wallet. When using our Bitcoin mixer, you can choose any commission up to 4%, while the minimum fee amount is only 0.4% of the mixed sum. Also, a variable random commission within the specified limits is available in automatic mode. This method of assigning a commission for mixing greatly complicates the analysis of the blockchain. Additionally increases the complexity of transaction tracking by many times the function of transaction randomization. Along with all the described features of BitMix.Biz, support for the TOR connection allows you to achieve complete anonymity. If the user intends to constantly use the Bitcoin mixer together with TOR, then the service will be the safest solution. Using BitMix.Biz is available in 10 languages. Service is being improved and is becoming more convenient and functional. At the moment, a mixing of Bitcoin and Litecoin is available, and in the near future it will be available to conduct safe transactions with Ethereum. All available functionality can be used directly on your site. Business customers of the service can get an API key and append the service in their own project, as well as earn money on an affiliate program. Learn all the details of the use will help the video
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