Bitmain Stopped Listing Securities on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Bitmain, the largest Chinese manufacturer of networking and mining equipment, will not place their securities on Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEX). The fact is that the representatives of the company hadn’t updated the application for IPO after half a year. If you go to the site of HKEX, you will see in the registry the Bitmain application which is now listed as “invalid”. This information was confirmed in the Bitmain official blog. In a statement, the representatives of the Chinese giant acknowledged that even though the industry has great prospects it is still too young. In the future, Bitmain plans to return to this issue and to continue listing of their securities. This will allow the Bitmain to become more transparent and open. Recall that Bitmain has recently suffered quite big staffing changes - the position of the head of the company was assumed by a man who was the head of several departments for years - Wang Haichao. But it should be noted that the company creators Mikri Zhang and Cihan Wu remained on the board of directors and continue to be responsible for the strategic development of Bitmain. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: