Bitmain, Goldcoins and Delphy Under Censorship: WeChat Limits Crypto Accounts Again
The Messenger WeChat continues to block accounts related to cryptocurrency. If in August these were media accounts, this time the messenger decided to ban Bitmain and crypto analysts Goldcoins and Delphy. The official sales account of Bitmain (WeChat ID: antminersale) was limited for using on September 10, when searching for this page, a statement appeared proving the inconsistency of publications with the rules of the messenger.
Following users' complaints, the platform has reviewed and discovered that this account – without having acquired authorized credentials or licenses – has been publishing and distributing information of relevant businesses it is involved in.
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At the moment, the official account (WeChat ID: antminer_official) remains active. The official account of the crypto market analyst Goldcoins was also banned in WeChat. This was confirmed by representatives at Zhihu (the Chinese analogue of Quora). Goldcoins performed a comprehensive analysis of cryptocurrency in WeChat for 9 months. Delphy also suffered from censorship. It is an application based on Ethereum, which works similarly to Augur. The main reason is, like Bitmain, the discrepancy with the rules for using WeChat. We want to remind you that: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: