Bitfinex Launches A Social Network for Bitcoin Traders

Representatives of the Bitfinex crypto exchange officially confirmed the release of a specialized social network for crypto traders called Bitfinex Pulse.

Bitfinex Pulse, the next generation of social trading, has finally arrived!

Distinguish yourself, join the trading community of the future and never miss that life-changing market insight again.

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) April 27, 2020

This platform should simplify traders` work and make it easy for them to interact. Some users have already called the new product from Bitfinex “a copy of eToro”, but it is important to understand that this social network is only for crypto traders, thus it should provide only quality content.

“The focus is on high-quality content for technically experienced audiences,” the statement says.

To have the right to post on Bitfinex Pulse, users will have to pass the verification. All other users will be able to communicate via private messages only.

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