Bitfinex Creates a New Decentralized Platform EOSfinex

The management of the crypto-exchange Bitfinex announced the development of a new high-performance exchange EOSfinex. The new platform is based on the EOS.IO protocol, which has a number of advantages.

The developers argue that the platform will provide customers with more favorable conditions for trading in cryptocurrency. EOSfinex should combine all the advantages of EOS.IO and the significant experience of Bitfinex in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

The technology will allow to provide high speed of performance of set of operations for short term and with the low commission.

EOS.IO was chosen after lengthy checks of operability and safety. According to the developers, the new exchange will fully comply with the requirements of regulators.

Bitfinex is currently not in a better position together with its partner Tether, which provides USDT token. The commodity futures regulator suspects that companies used USDT to influence the cost of Bitcoin.

The actions of Bitfinex and Tether are viewed as a manipulation with the market, which caused a sharp price jump in late 2017.

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